The Advantage Of Using Credit Unions Lowell

If you have always had a bank account but are getting tired of the greedy practices of so many banks, maybe it’s time you closed your bank accounts and switched to one of the many excellent credit unions Lowell instead?

Credit unions in Lowell have an excellent reputation for charging fair fees, for treating their customers well, and for offering all the services every bank does but for a much lower cost. That’s why any discerning consumer who is tired of being overcharged should seriously look into credit unions Lowell.

Start your search for a good credit union in Lowell with a trip to a couple of them. A new account representative will be able to tell you exactly what type of accounts they have available, what the charges for each are, if there are any, and how much interest you will typically be paid. If you are interested in a bank loan, a car loan or a mortgage, she will also be able to give you information on each of these, along with what the credit union’s requirements are.

With a visit to only a couple of credit unions in Lowell, you should be able to tell quickly that, just by transferring your existing money to a credit union, you will save several hundred dollars a year over the fees you pay your current bank.

Credit unions are also wonderful places to keep your money as they don’t typically charge high ATM fees if you want to withdraw it and, if you travel abroad often, can arrange for things like travelers checks and international ATM withdrawals just like any bank can. Only cheaper.

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