Spirometers To Assess Lung Function

Do you need new equipment for your doctor’s office? Do you commonly see patients with breathing problems? Do you run a clinic for asthma and allergies? If so, consider getting a spirometer for your facility.

Spirometers are pieces of medical equipment that are used to assess lung function. This function is tested to determine the severity of breathing problems. This type of testing is important in diagnosing certain conditions that involve the lungs. A few of these conditions include asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis. Spirometers are often kept in medical facilities and these are the only places where breathing tests are administered. Spirometers can be purchased by medical supply companies and many medical facilities can get them from suppliers that they already use. Spirometers can be a bit pricey like most other pieces of medical equipment. Although the cost may be high, spirometers are instrumental in diagnosing lung problems.

If you wish to locate a spirometer for your medical office, call suppliers to find one. There are different types of spirometers that are available and the functions should be looked at closely before deciding on one. Some spirometers will be easier to use than other, and this ease in use is important to provide comfort to the patient. If you are unsure about the spirometer model that you want, ask your medical supplier for a recommendation. The supplier will know which ones are purchased most often and liked by other medical offices. After a spirometer is chosen, have it delivered to your medical office. Delivery is usually made a week or two after purchase and your spirometer will be able to be used at this time.

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