Should You Buy Wood Or Plastic Decking San Diego?

Nowadays, there are some wonderful choices of decking San Diego. Everything from various types of wood or timber, to heavy-duty plastic decking, and what you choose all depends on personal taste and what you’re looking for.

Plastic decking is usually cheaper than wood decking and is durable and long-lasting. It’s even made so well nowadays, in some cases, you have to look closely to realize it’s a plastic product and not wood. Some people however simply don’t like the idea of a plastic deck, and choose wood or timber instead.

A wood or timber deck is beautiful. It is however usually more expensive and has to be treated with varnishes and anti-pest sprays in order for it to last as long as a plastic deck would. Over time too, you’ll have to keep treating the wood, to prevent it from being infested with insects, meaning the expense for wooden decking San Diego can be more expensive than you initially thought.

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