Nurse Expert Witness

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In medical disciplinary or administrative proceedings, professional opinion of a nurse expert witness is highly valuable. This is to ensure malpractices, clinical negligence and performance inefficiency and other related issues are resolved in fair and unbiased judgment. A professional health care provider such as a nurse adheres to standard of care and exercise professional judgment while on duty. If a nurse deviated or has breach nursing code or standard, then he or she is liable to a certain degree of malpractice. To prove whether the nurse committed nursing malpractice or not, valid testimony from a nurse expert witness will be required. The nurse expert testimony includes extensive scientific knowledge pertaining to standard nursing care, practices or code that is applicable to the case.

The making of a nurse expert witness cannot be difficult. Any individual who has attained the required educational qualifications of Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has adequate experi

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