Determining The Healthiest Food For Your Pet

We all want to provide our pets with the best we can. They’re part of the family, after all. Feeding your furry companion the healthiest pet food available will not only make him happy, but can extend the life of your pet by years. Unfortunately, most common brands contain fillers and other ingredients that can not only lack nutrition, but also actually harm your pet by inducing allergies, obesity, or other conditions. Luckily, finding the healthiest pet food option available is as simple as knowing what to look for on the label.

Dogs are naturally somewhat omnivorous, so while it’s tempting to believe Fido simple needs steak, he is better off with a well-rounded diet. His food’s primary ingredient should be a specified meat product, such as chicken or beef, and may be labelled as “meal” in dry food. Don’t buy food with the protein listed simply as a rendered “animal”, “poultry”, or “meat product”. Avoid food with soy, wheat, or corn, and look for one with rice as its primary carbohydrate. Finally, your p

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