Decorating A Wreath

With the holidays coming, why not try to be creative and make something handmade that will get lots of use year after year. You can make it a simple wreath or you can decorate it with all different sorts of ornaments. You might want to choose a theme and stick to it and just keep adding onto the wreath as you go along.

You can put some flowers all over the wreath and some ribbon and any sort of ornament you’d like to add to the theme but make sure if you are going to do a winter theme you don’t add anything summery to the wreath. You can add some glitter to the flowers and ribbon or why not try the fake white snow that you can spray all over the wreath to give it a snowed on affect? As you are adding to your decorations, make sure the wreath won’t be too heavy to hang on the door so don’t over do it with the decorations.

You can also make wreaths for any special occasion such as birthdays, graduation parties, get well soon or anniversaries. What you would need to do is instead of decorating the wreath with lots of ornaments, just get a piece of ribbon that says happy birthday on it or happy anniversary or get well soon then you can get one dollar bills and fold them into a fan and start to add the money all over the wreath. Who wouldn’t want something like that for a gift? A wreath full of money would be welcome by anyone. Ideas are limitless at what you can do with a wreath. What sort of wreath would you make?
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