Furnishings For College- The Mini Fridge

When it is time to send of your child to college there are always a number of items that they will be needing. One of the most important items in a mini refrigerator. This has become a necessity in a teenagers world. Although it is a good and economical way to help your child save while going to school. They can keep small items in the dorm room instead of constantly spending money on fast food.

A mini refrigerator can hold a lot of basic supplies for the teenager heading off to college. It is a good place to store lunch meat, cheese, salad, fruit and much more.

Vancouver Cell Phone Plans For You

If you plan on traveling to the Vancouver, Canada area or are currently living there then you need a proper cell phone plan. You may ask which one is the best, but that is all a matter of personal opinion and cost. Bell, Rogers, Telus, SaskTel and Virgin Mobile are the top cell companies in Canada and all offer great deals for those on a budget who want quality phone service and great coverage with plans that allow for unlimited data and text messaging as well as nationwide calling. So if you are looking for a great company with great quality phones and plans then any one of the ones listed here are wonderful for your phone needs. More info: cell phone plans Vancouver